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Business Management/Entrepreneurship

Contact Person: Robin Bagent
Office Location: John C. Hepworth Higher Education Center 165
Direct Phone: 208-732-6392

Program Application Form. Applying to this program is a separate application process from applying to the College. You should not declare this program as your major until admitted. This document may be completed and submitted electronically to advisor.

Business Management/Entrepreneurship Program Checklist. Use this checklist to track your progress throughout the program. You are encouraged to meet each term with your advisor, Robin Bagent, to discuss course options that best meet your post-college career goals.

Catalog Information. Your program of study will be determined by the year you declare Business Management and Entrepreneurship (BME) as your major. The term-by-term schedule is recommended, but not required. As mentioned above, you are encouraged to meet with your advisor, Robin Bagent, to discuss course options that best meet your post-college career goals.

Program Description

Mkt Pln Presentation

The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Business Management and Entrepreneurship prepares students with the skills necessary to own and operate their own business or to assume entry-level manager level positions. Program curriculum prepares students to advance personally in the business organization while contributing to the company’s goals and objectives. Depending upon the cusomized program electives a student chooses, they may want to seek careers in bookkeeping, business communications, management, marketing, real estate, project management, or small business. The entire degree program can be completed online, although not all classes are offered online every term.

Students completing the first year of the Business Management and Entrepreneurship program course of study, are eligible to earn the Business Management Technical Certificate. It is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge to become successful at the management level in retail operations.

BME topics of study include basic management philosophies and theories, organizational psychology, business strategy development, the ability to work successfully in teams, and analysis-based decision-making. Students gain general management skills that prepare them for work in a variety of organizations, including public and private, for-profit and non-profit.

This program allows students to transfer, as a junior, to Boise State University for their Bachelor of Applied Science program, but students are strongly encouraged to work with their CSI advisor for preparation.

One of the strengths for this program is the opportunity to customize it to suit your post-college career goals. You'll work with your advisor to select classes that enhance your skills.

Annual Schedule 2018-2019 This schedule is subject to change, but should help as you look at course scheduling.

What Types of Assignments Can You Expect?

CastlesExpect a wide variety of assignments as you learn business management skills. In the morning you might find yourself practicing non-verbal communication with a team of strangers as you work to build castles out of paper. That same afternoon you might be creating marketing videos for online presentation, or presenting project plans to local businesses.

Online students have a variety of assignment formats as well that may include electronic scavenger hunts, virtual presentations, video development, and brochure design.

Team activities are a critical component of the program for both online and campus-based students.

Entrance Requirements

Placement into the Business Management/Entrepreneurship program is on a “first-come, first-accepted” basis, provided the potential student has met the College of Southern Idaho’s admission requirements and,

CSI Application Process/Checklist

BME Program Specific Application Process/Checklist

  • Email a Letter of Intent (Tell us why you want to go into the BM&E program). (
  • Meet with Advisor either in person, via telephone, or via Web conferencing. (
  • Change your major in MyCSI to Business Management once approved into the program.

What Do Students Say About the BM&E Program?

"This is an amazing program! Robin is the advisor to the program. She is wonderful and willing to help anyway she can. If you are looking to break into the business world or to learn more about growing an existing business, this is the place to go!" - Sharon Jabin

"Best program ever! It's not an easy program, but it's hands-on, informative, and fun! Robin is one of the best instructors at CSI. Love her, Love the program!" - Terri Anderson