Business & Economics Department | Accounting (Computerized Bookkeeping)


Contact Person: Candace Boesiger
Office Location: Canyon 124-I
Direct Phone: 208-732-6410

Program Application Form Applying to this program is a separate application process from applying to the College. You should not declare this program as your major until admitted.

Program Overview

The Accounting/Bookkeeping Program is designed to provide students with a basic knowledge of bookkeeping processes for employment in entry-level bookkeeping positions.  Students will be trained to use computers to keep books and to prepare various reports.   Graduating students will receive an Associate of Applied Science Degree.  NOTE:  This program is not designed for student pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Business or for those interested in becoming a Certified Public Accountant.  Students interested in these areas should major in General Business.

Entrance Requirements

The Program is open to anyone who sincerely wishes to become a full-time bookkeeper. Placement into the program will be based upon meeting the College of Southern Idahoís admission requirements and

  1. Complete Application for Admission to CSI.
  2. Take COMPASS Placement Test and bring a copy of your test scores to the advisor meeting.
  3. Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships (if applicable)
  4. Complete Program Admission Checklist/Application.
  5. Meet with an Advisor.

Job Outlook

Employment of bookkeepers is expected to increase during the 2000ís, especially for those with competent computer skills. With an increase in the number of new businesses and an expansion of existing businesses, more qualified computerized bookkeepers will be needed in the future.

Job Opportunities

Graduates are currently working as full-charge bookkeepers, computer operators, office managers, personnel managers, secretary-bookkeepers, etc. Following are various kinds of businesses where our graduates are employed: CPA firms, manufacturing firms, landscaping firms, country clubs, civic clubs, auto dealerships, jewelry stores, farm stores, mini-marts, furniture stores, county agencies, and many others too numerous to mention.

Approximate Starting Salary

Current graduates of the program are starting between $24,690 - $31,200 per year. Salaries will vary with the student's abilities and by employer. After a few years' experience, some graduates are now earning up to $40,000.

Program Description

The Accounting/Bookkeeping program is a technical program which results in an Associate of Applied Science degree. The program provides students with a basic
knowledge of bookkeeping processes preparing them for employment in entry level bookkeeping positions. Major emphasis is placed on computerized bookkeeping using both QuickBooks Pro and Peachtree accounting software. Students have the option to take a national exam to obtain a Certified Bookkeeping credential during the final semester of the program. This is a non-transfer degree and is not intended for students planning to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting or intending to become a Certified Public Accountant. Students interested in these transfer options should pursue an Associate of Arts Degree in Business.

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