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Computer Support Technician

Contact Person: Kirk Ruby
Office Location: Canyon124G
Direct Phone: 208-732-6316

Computer support is one of the most important components in keeping businesses working productively. By completing the Computer Support program, students will earn a technical certificate and gain the skills necessary to maintain, repair and configure computers and other devices. The curriculum meets the objectives of industry standards including but not limited to CompTIA  A+ and Network + certification.  It is the student’s responsibility to take certification exams if so desired. The Computer Support program technical certificate is the required first two semester of the Network Systems Technician Associate program.

Students must demonstrate computer proficiency by either completing CISA 101 or passing the Computer Skills Assessment exam.

Programs in the Information Technology program require admission to the program.
Students must complete the first semester of classes in the program of their choice and meet with the program advisor before they will be admitted. Program admissions and major changes will be evaluated by faculty the fourth week of October and March.

Any questions regarding first semester classes should be directed to the program advisor listed above, Lori Garnand, or Anna Ritchey

Semester 1Credit
CISS 107 Computer Essentials4
CISS 213 CISCO Networking 11
MATH Any General Education Math 3
SOCS GE Any General Education Social Science,
SOCY 105 recommended
Semester Total15

Semester 2Credit
CISS 110 Troubleshooting the PC2
CISS110L Hardware Lab1
CISS 131 Server Technologies I3
CISW 111 Web Authoring 3
ENGL 101 English Composition3
CISS 216 CISCO Networking 21
Semester Total15


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