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The Culinary Arts Profession

Culinary Arts is a growth industry, alive with action, excitement, and people. Hotels and restaurants are a vital segment I the growing travel and tourism industry. In the next decade, the travel and food industry will be a leader in creating new jobs, in generating more revenue, in paying out more salaries and wages, and in offering great professional opportunities.

What are your interests? Owning your own restaurant? Chef? Food Buyer? Restaurant Manager? No matter what your interests are, a career in the food industry offers challenges and variety.

Many different segments of jobs exist in the food service industry. Excellent opportunities exist for individuals at all job levels in department store food service; airline in-flight food service, school, college, and university food service; hospitals and nursing homes; city and country clubs; business and industry; parks and recreation; and the military services which employ civilians to manage clubs and other food and lodging facilities. Food Service is the single largest segment in the industry.

Because the food industry serves the needs of the public, the majority of people working in this industry are in constant contact with customers. Ours is a people-oriented profession. Individuals preparing for careers in the Food Industry must understand that their responsibilities are likely to include daily interaction with customers. Social skills and the ability to communicate effectively with others are important assets for anyone planning such a career. An interest in meeting guests’ needs and solving their problems is a primarily requisite for success in this field along with reliability, dedication, and willingness to work hard.

Career opportunities are bright for the food industry. Since this is one of the fastest growing industries, trained and knowledgeable managers are in demand. For the person who is dedicated, outgoing, and willing to work odd hours, promotions come easily. We invite you to share the bright picture of the future of Food Service as it continues to grow, expand, and create tremendous new opportunities throughout the nation. There has never been a better time than now for people to enter the Food Service Industry.