Business & Economics Degree Department | Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management Program Goals

The goals and objectives we have accepted are in accordance with the standards and goals set by the College of Southern Idaho, the Business Department goals, and the Profession-Technical Division requirements.

  • To educate and train a person who can immediately perform at the entry level in the professional work environment.
  • To provide workforce educations, training and development for students in occupations requiring other than four-year degrees.
  • To adjust the curriculum to changing business and industry conditions, technological changes and the requirements of the labor market according to the recommendations of the advisory board.
  • To use methods, materials and equipment as close to actual working conditions as possible.
  • To celebrate diversity in backgrounds, experiences, cultures, and ethnicity. As our world becomes technologically linked, it is crucial for the hospitality management program to utilize all talents and resources to promote harmony and encourage participation in the professional setting.
  • To serve students with special needs. Special testing and course work arrangements are made to meet individual needs (e.g., oral exams, peer tutoring, readers, and technical assistance). Students are also advised to take remedial classes when indicated by COMPASS scores.
  • To attend conferences, seminars, complete course work and stay actively involved in hospitality professional organizations and activities.
  • To provide graduates with the skills and competencies necessary to continue to higher levels of education and to be life-long learners.
  • To develop a comprehensive assessment program that includes “real-work” placement and evaluations, student portfolios, national testing, along with written and oral presentations that will allow us to measure quality in our students, faculty, and curriculum. The final goal of the assessment is program improvement.

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