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Network Systems Technician


Students in the Network Systems Technician program will participate in a local internship with an approved program-industry business.

Thus far, interns have reports the following experience with their internships:

Where to start?

  1. Once you are in your 3rd or 4th semester, visit with RD about your internship location interests.
  2. Read the CSI Internship Manual
  3. Arrange a meeting with one or more internship sites
  4. Once you have found an internship site, have the site supervisor complete this to official start form. Once this form is submitted RD will enroll you in the Internship CSI course, and you MUST log at least 135 hours of time onsite at your internship BEFORE the end of the semester to pass the CSI course. Internships may be completed during the summer, and registered in the Fall.
  5. Each day (really, each and every day) you need to complete your daily work log, here. You should submit roughly 350 words per 8 hours worked.
  6. Once 135 hours of internship work is completed, you complete this self-evaluation.
  7. Once 135 hours of internship work is completed, your internship supervisor completes this evaluation.
  8. Done!

Programs in the Information Technology program require admission to the program.
Students must complete the first semester of classes in the program of their choice and meet with the program advisor before they will be admitted. Program admissions and major changes will be evaluated by faculty the fourth week of October and March.

Any questions regarding first semester classes should be directed to the program advisor listed above, Lori Garnand, or Anna Ritchey