Business & Economics Degree Department

CSI Business & Economics Department

Thank you for your interest in the Business & Economics Department. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of information to students as possible. Helping them get a start to productive careers in their field of choice.

Judge for Yourself!

The CSI Business & Economics Program provides a challenging, quality education to prepare students for lifelong learning, leadership, management, team membership and other productive roles in business, economics and related fields. We foster student abilities and skills to think critically, communicate efficiently, use information and technology responsibly, and contribute to society effectively.

Get Involved in a Student Business Club!

The Business and Economics Department supports several Clubs that will enhance your learning experience. Delta Epsilon Chi (Collegiate DECA) provides business competitions that develop student skills in all business fields; the Hospitality Management Association (HOSTEURS) provides a forum where students participate in hospitality-oriented community and campus projects; and the International Business Club provides opportunities to travel to experience business in the real world.

Areas of Study within the Business & Economics Department

Other Business Related Programs on the CSI Campus

Small Business Development CenterBusiness Incubator

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